About us

For over 20+ years, the R Gruppe has been a growing presence in the Porsche community and the concept of custom hot rod Porsche sports purpose modifications to early 911’s brings to mind the idea of R Gruppe.

The club was formed as the result of the coming together of two formidable Porsche enthusiasts. Cris Huergas and Freeman Thomas joined forces to connect their Northern and Southern California based communities of like-minded modified early 911 car guys.

United by similar thoughts regarding what makes for a bitching Porsche, the R Gruppe grasps firmly to three common threads in the design and styling of the early Porsche 911 cars that exemplify what an R Gruppe car is: 

– Long hoods, 1973 and earlier.

– Special individualized performance upgrades, the California hot rod vive.

– The Porsche factory parts catalog, “The Sports Purpose Manual”, which both told you how to modify your Porsche for track, rally, or hill climb but also listed the parts for sale to make the described modifications.  

"sports purpose"

In the late 1960’s Porsche published a manual entitled, “Information Regarding Porsche Vehicles Used for Sports Purpose” written for competition drivers buying a new car and intending to participate in racing events. It highlighted all of the factory racing parts available and the most optimal settings for modifying a production Porsche 911 for various track, rally and hill climb events. 

With a standardized design theme of the early modifications and an emphasis on balance and lightweight over raw horsepower, the consequence to making sports modifications to your early 911 ended up giving it that “hot rod look,” while making it much faster as well. Many of these parts are easily bolted on and off and so a modified car could theoretically be returned back to it’s original condition, if desired. 

But expressing one’s creative ideas in sheet metal has always been a Hot Rod tradition, and so the sports modified manual is only a guide, not the end all reference. 

The creative results shown within this website are hoped to inspire enthusiasts everywhere to finish their early 911 project and get it out on the street or to the track.


Freeman Thomas

Co-Founder - Member No. 003

Cris Huergas

Co-Founder - Member No. 002